2019 Best of the Net Anthology Nominations


2019 Best of the Net Anthology Nominations


by Sarah Feng

Congratulations to COUNTERCLOCK Journal’s nominees for the 2019 Best of the Net Anthology:



David Freeman “Elegy to Be Reach on a Bench”

Khaty Xiong “In Memory of Misremembering”

Khaty Xiong “Year of the Cardinal’s Song (VII)”

John Goodhue “On Speed and Being”

Allison Hummel “Gamelan”

Maria Gray “Do This In Memory Of Me”


Terence Hannum “Perfect Dark”

Tyler Barton “Old Men”



Sarah Feng is the editor-in-chief of COUNTERCLOCK Journal and the founding director of the COUNTERCLOCK Arts Collective. Her works have been recognized by the Poetry Society of the United Kingdom, Teen Vogue, the Academy of American Poets, the Critical Pass Junior Poet Prize, the National Council of Teachers of English, and more. Find her work in the Adroit Journal and Gigantic Sequins. She plays piano and dabbles in charcoals, and she thinks rhythm and light and lyric pulse in every field of the creative arts – if you can call them distinct fields at all. In other words, she has faith in the power of the interdisciplinary arts and their persistence in our memories and minds. You can find her here.