About the Internship

A COUNTERCLOCK internship is a 12-week-long, unpaid program during the spring, summer or fall, offering interns the opportunity to explore working at an international literary arts publication.

Through direct mentorship with a staff editor, personalized, weekly assignments, and the capacity to collaborate with the rest of the CC team on new initiatives of their choosing, interns will gain unique insight into the editing and promotion process and help construct the projects that CC is crafting for the future. Editorial interns will learn to evaluate submissions, discuss with editors, and work directly in carefully curating the writing and art that forms our triannual issues; design interns will be integral to forming CC’s brand and face on media. The internship is intended to be a learning experience for students and graduates with a passion for the creative arts.

Interns follow one of two tracks: editorial or design. Each internship runs for 12 weeks, or 3 months, and has the potential to become a permanent staff position. The estimated time commitment is 1-3 hours per week.


•Applicants must be above the age of 16. No past experience or honors are required.

• Interns can be situated anywhere in the world, but must have access to the Internet on a regular basis. All communication occurs digitally over Facebook and Skype.


Fall/Winter 2019

Applications accepted: July 15 - August 15

Internship duration: September 1 - November 30

Winter/Spring 2020

Applications accepted: December 1 - January 15

Internship duration - February 1 - April 30

Spring/Summer 2020:


Apply: Winter/Spring 2020

We recommend that you complete our questions in a separate document, and then paste them in.

Applicants will be notified in late January.

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If you would like to apply in both tracks, please fill out the application form twice, once for each track.


Learn more about our interns at the bottom of the page here.

Fall/Winter 2019: Andy Zheng, Ernest Ogunyemi.